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Many Futures of Work: Possibilities and Perils

Conference Report

Peter A. Creticos

What's Behind The Increase In Inequality

Eileen Appelbaum

The futures of work and people with disabilities

Susanne M. Bruyère

native americans and science: enhancing participation of native americans in the science and technology workforce through culturally responsive science education

gregory a. Cajete

intersections and barriers: economic justice and the futures of work in our hemisphere

oscar a. chacòn

suggestions toward commonwealth companies: sharing prosperity with worker Stakeholders

tom croft & Annie Malhotra

An Authentic “Right to Work”

William a. darity, jr., & Darrick Hamilton


Veterans in the Workplace: Myths and Realities

Paul A.Dillon

Capitalists Arise!

Peter Georgescu

The original gig economy

James bau graves

Hatching Labor’s Phoenix – 
Raising Expectations of Ourselves in America’s Battle to Restore Economic Justice

Stephen Herzenberg

The future of Work:

developing a place-based understanding of its impacts

Lamia Kamal-chaoui & Mark Pearson

Entrepreneurial Finance in the Platform Economy Era: What Consequences for Labor?

Martin Kenney & John Zysman

innovative enterprise and sustainable prosperity

William Lazonick

Property Not Pay: restoring the middle through ownership

christopher mackin

Notes on the economics of structural racism: A synopsis of the stratification literatures on racism, racial identity, and the Labor Market

Patrick L. Mason


New Frontiers of Worker Power: Challenges and Opportunities in the Modern Economy

Michelle Miller & Eric Harris Bernstein

Bending Futures and Meanings of Work, Careers and Life-Course Pathways


Work 4.0: the future of work in the digital Age

- A German Perspective -

Max Neufeind

Are Immigrants Underskilled, or Are Their Jobs Underskilled? 

Will This Change in the Future of Work?

Rob Paral

Platform Heterogeneity: diverse earner outcomes on sharing platforms

Juliet Schor, William Attwood-Charles, Mehmet Cansoy, Isak Ladegaard & Robert Wengronowitz

Vorsprung durch Technik: the future of work, digital technology and the politics of the platform economy

Chris Warhurst, Chris Mathieu and Sally Wright

the future of work

mary v.l.wright

Opening session of the conference: General introduction and organization of the conference

Anthony Sarmiento, Conference Chair, and Peter Creticos, President/Executive Director, Institute for Work and the Economy

Plenary session: Introduction to Peter Georgescu and economic Context from the Perspective of the OECD

General Findings by the OECD: Lamia Kamal-Chaoui, Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Tourism and Local Development, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Plenary Session: Peter Georgescu, "Capitalists Arise!"

A Poem: Natasha T Miller

Max Neufeind, Special Advisor, German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs: Germany’s Work 4.0

A conversation with Saru Jayaraman and
William A. “Sandy” Darity Jr.
osted by Laine Romero-Alston

A Poem: Natasha T Miller

Plenary Session: Dee Davis, President and Founder, Center for Rural Strategies, with Allison Gerber

Reflections from Europe: Peter Pogačar, State Secretary, Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Solvenia

A Poem: Natasha T Miller

Plenary Session: Charles Adler


The Conclusions of the Working Groups

A summary of the working groups on: the innovative enterprise: restoring the middle; structural racism; Age, gender, disability, prior engagement with the justice system, and immigration; the on-demand economy and the commodification of work and skills; and economic justice and the imperatives of work and families

Concluding Poems: Natasha T Miller