The plenary sessions provide context for the conference and will be a call to act on policies and practices that are shaping changes in the structures of work. The substance of the conference will be teed up by accomplished experts and scholars who are contributing working papers and presenting their ideas on one of six major themes. They also will be on hand throughout the conference to serve as resources to the working groups. Their paper will be published in “working papers and resources” tab in September 2017.

Plenary Speakers

Peter Georgescu

Emeritus Chairman, Young & Rubicon

Dee Davis

Center For Rural Strategies

Saru Jayaraman

Co-Founder & Co-Director, Restaurant Opportunities Centers United

William "Sandy" Darity JR

Duke University

Max Neufeind

Policy Advisor, German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs

Charles Adler

Charles Adler, Co-Founder of Kickstarter, and Founder of Lost Arts

“Experts, Plenary Chairs and Group Facilitators

Eileen Appelbaum

Center for Economic Policy

Susanne Marie Bruyère

Cornell University

Gregory Cajete

University of New Mexico

Oscar Chacón

Alianza Americas


Tom Croft

Steel Valley Authority

Paul Dillon

Veterans Advocate

Alison Gerber

Annie E. Casey Foundation

Bau Graves

Old Town School Of Folk Music


Allert Brown-Gort

Casa de la Universidad de California en México

Darrick Hamilton

The New School

Stephen Herzenberg

Keystone Research Center

Lamia Kamal-Chaoui

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development


Martin Kenney

University of California, Davis

William Lazonick

University of Massachusetts – Lowell

Christopher Mackin

Ownership Associates, Inc. 

Patrick Mason

Florida State University


Stephen Mitchell

Sullivan County Community College

Michelle Miller

Natasha “T” Miller

Poet, Author, Activist and Film Producer

Phyllis Moen

University of Minnesota


Rob Paral


Peter Pogačar

state secretary at the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

Diana Polson

Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center

E.J. Reedy

Polsky Center


Diana Robinson

Northern Illinois University’s Center for Governmental Studies

Laine Romero-Alston

Ford Foundation’s Inclusive Economies

Anthony Sarmiento

Senior Service America Inc.

Damon Silvers

Policy and Special Counsel for the AFL-CIO


Juliet Schor

Boston College

Chris Warhurst

University of Warwick

Elizabeth White


Mary V. L. Wright

Jobs for the Future


John Zysman

University of California, Berkeley