"This conference is about taking action and taking control. It is about approachable policies, practices, and strategies. It is about being optimistic. It rejects the idea that workers face immutable fates. A core aim of this conference is to confront head-on the challenges imposed by structural barriers, by bad policies and practices, and by complacent acceptance of things that we can and should be able to change. Our aim is to brighten many pathways to the future."


You are invited to take action and take control now by contributing to this ongoing, moderated blog on the many futures of work. Please send us your comments by this link. They need to be civil and relevant to the substance of the conference. Our aim is to generate new ideas and new thinking that can be taken up when we gather in Chicago on October 5 and 6. There is no word limit, but we suggest that you keep it to fewer than 1,500 words. The discipline of brevity helps to clarify thinking.